Consolidating On-Premise Beer Data and Craft

Getting all your beer data in one place for analysis

Typically we only hear of Syndicated, Off-Premise/Retail Market Data being tracked. As the Brewers Association mentions on this article, that is because 80% of sales come from Off-Premise. But ask any Beverage Industry Vet out there and they will say that brands are built On-Premise. Once they are built the volume and sell through comes from Retail.

Now there isn’t a ton of On-Premise data out there. Maybe your Brewery, Distillery or Winery is using Market Survey Tools such as Go Spot Check to gain their data. Or maybe, more and more On-Premise data will soon become available through advancements in technology, POS systems, or the thirst for data and knowledge that is becoming more prevalent in the Beverage Industry.

Either way, this article draws some very interesting correlations between markets by State and On-Premise and Off-Premise performance. I don’t know about you, but if I were selecting the next market for my brand to enter, I may take some of these statistics into consideration. Furthermore, I would want to use a tool like Halo to consolidate all of this data together in one place for analysis. By combining On-Premise data with IRI, Nielsen or BDN overlaid with my depletion forecasts, pricing and distribution structure, I’d feel armed to make that decision.

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