Analytics for Wineries

Seamless Syndicated Data Integration

Fact based selling is the best way to gain credibility with your buyers. Whether you are selling On or Off Premise, Syndicated IRI or Nielsen data helps your sales team tell the story of their brand: how they rank in the category; vs. their competitors; how their market share has increased and their brand has gained popularity in the market or class of trade.

While this data is important, more and more of the beverage companies are running lean and mean. They do not have the IT support or resources to format the data they receive on a weekly or monthly basis. By feeding their syndicated data into Halo, customers can easily automate the formatting so every time new data is received it is automatically available to their sales teams without having IT or a Category Manager involved.

Demand Planning

  • Distributor Inventory Levels
  • # / % of Distributor SKU’s Out of Stock
  • Days Inventory by varietal / vintage
  • Order Management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Forecasting Accuracy

IRI Food 52 Week

  • Total Segment Growth
  • Total Brand Growth
  • Total Varietal Growth
  • Total SKU Growth


Sales and Distribution

  • YoY Growth by Vintage
  • Market Share
  • BTG / BTB Velocity
  • $/CE Sales vs. LY vs. Budget
  • On / Off Premise (Same Sku) Sales
  • Share of Segment
  • NA Compliance
  • Target YTD / MTD % vs. Actual
  • By Volume by Distibutor
  • Total Points of Distribution
  • Incentive Spend
  • Distributor Scorecards

Production Metrics

  • Yield
  • Brix
  • Must/Must Weight
  • Tonnage Filtered/Clarified
  • Barrel Fermentation Time
  • Bottling Line Effeciency
  • pH Levels
  • Packaging
  • Loss
  • Ullage/Fill Level
  • Lab/Quality
  • Holds
  • Wastewater
  • Irrigation
  • Winery Safety

Sales and Operations Planning

Every beverage Supplier and Distributor needs a system to run the daily operations and finances of their business. Whether that be Quick Books, JDE, SAP, eoStar, etc most ERP/RAS software companies claim to do everything you need, but often their forecasting isn’t as robust as you would like, their reporting isn’t automated or their MRP isn’t what you are looking for.

Halo easily extracts and combines data from your existing systems providing you with the vital information you need for better and faster decision making.

See Halo in Action

Watch our video demonstration and see how Halo quickly gives you complete visibility into your entire operation.