Analytics for Distributors

Robust Forecasting/Code Dates

We frequently hear that RAS software lacks robust forecasting tools. The result? Distributors having to deal with the pain of manually forecasting in Excel with variable accuracy, or leaning on their suppliers to forecast for them. Some larger suppliers have the resources and tools to do this. While that eases the burden on procurement teams at distributors, it lessens their ability to push back when they believe they are being shipped too much product, especially if order deliveries and batches have the same code dates on every pallet.

Most smaller suppliers don’t have those same resources, so distributors still need tools to generate accurate forecasts to manage their brands. We have created Halo for Demand Forecasting to act as a Checks and Balances System for Distributors, plus take it one step further, automating forecasts by supplier down to the SKU and even Customer level if desired.

Operation and Demand Planning

  • Inventory Management
  • # or % SKU’s Out of Stock
  • SKU Performance for Deletion
  • Overstock
  • Days on Hand by SKU
  • Order Management
  • Forecasting Accuracy
  • Procurement
  • Code Date Integration
  • Discount Allowances

Distribution & Volume Growth

  • Target YTD / MTD % vs. Actual
  • By Volume by Supplier
  • POD Tracking / Analysis
  • Route Profitability


  • YOY Growth by Supplier
  • Rate of Sale
  • $ / CE Sales vs. LY vs. Budget
  • Share of Segment
  • NA Compliance
  • New Distribution
  • Growth by Brand
  • Growth by Supplier
  • On / Off Premise Market Share POD
  • On / Off Premise (Same SKU) Sales
  • % to Annual Goal
  • Lost Distribution

Performance Metrics

  • Team Performance
  • Territory Opportunities
  • YOY Growth by Team
  • YOY Growth by Company
  • Performance by Sales Rep
  • Territory Case / $ Growth by Rep
  • Incentive / Quota Tracking

IRI / Nielsen

  • Total Segment Growth
  • Total Brand Growth
  • Total SKU Growth

Better Territory Planning for your Sales Teams

We have all heard of the 80/20 rule. 20% of your customers make up 80% of your volume. But how do you know where to spend your time? How do you know who to wine and dine? Who should you just call for an order? Can you easily determine where to focus for an incentive period to gain the most new points of distribution?

Halo will help you access and visualize the data coming out of your RAS or Market Survey tools for sales territory planning. With Geocoding capabilities Halo can easily plot accounts on a map by Country, State, City, salesperson and even premise or class of trade. Once the Geocoding is done you can identify accounts’ YOY volume, Revenue, Gross Profit/Margin, YTD or MTD Volume and Variance over last year.

Empower your sales teams with the best solution to plan their day in the field without having to manipulate reports in Excel and without wasting time.

Customer Success Story

Halo creates the ultimate Distributor Margin Management Solution for Anheuser-Busch Distributor.