Analytics for Breweries

Get Better Insight into Production

As successful craft brewers gain national market share, management must move into high gear to create a well-oiled production machine. Executive management will be faced with multiple tradeoff decisions every day, balancing incoming demand with production capacity, materials availability, and logistics.

Halo summarizes data across multiple systems and enables drill down from top level sales to individual invoices. With access to data in real-time, executive teams can send their finance and operational teams on daily or weekly fire drills gathering and preparing the needed sales, inventory and purchasing data to identify and resolve problems. With every team member using the same system and accessing the right data, decisions move from a sequence of requests up and down the organizational chain to a single collaborative environment.

Demand Planning

  • Distributor Inventory Levels
  • # / % of Distributor SKU’s Out of Stock
  • Days Inventory by Dist. / Brand / SKU
  • Order Management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Forecasting Accuracy
  • % Filled 1 week / 2 weeks
  • Code Date Analysis

IRI Food 52 Week

  • Total Segment Growth
  • Total Brand Growth
  • Total SKU Growth
  • Craft Beer $ Share of Total Beer

Sales and Distribution

  • YoY Growth by Brewery / Brand / SKU
  • Market Share
  • Draft / Bottle Velocity
  • $ / CE Sales vs. LY vs. Budget
  • On / Off Premise (Same Sku) Sales
  • Share of Craft
  • NA Compliance
  • Target YTD / MTD % vs. Actual
  • By Volume by Distibutor
  • Total Points of Distribution,
  • 60 / 90 Day Non-Buy vs. Buy
  • Incentive Spend
  • Distributor Scorecards

Production Metrics

  • Brewing
  • BBL’s Wort
  • BBL’s Filtered
  • Tank Residency Time
  • % Loss from Wort to Brite
  • Packaging
  • Bottling Line Efficiency
  • Keg Line Efficiency
  • 1st Pass Quality
  • TPO
  • Lab / Quality
  • Holds
  • Wastewater
  • Plant Safety
  • Lost Time
  • Recordable Injuries

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions are on the rise in all segments of the Beverage Industry. When a Brewery is positioned to be acquired, it is imperative that their financials are in order. Furthermore, different information systems currently in use by each company generate the need for data consolidation. This tends to be a tedious process taking significant resources and time to migrate and integrate.

Halo’s Data Integration Solution allows you to quickly create a Data Warehouse giving you end-to-end visibility and shortening your data consolidation project into just a few weeks.

Customer Success Story

After careful research, top US brewery opted for a powerful BI platform with pre-packaged analytics.