Analytics for Beverage

Simplified Data Integration Across all your Systems and Sources

Halo provides a suite of analytics tools that give you end-to-end visibility into your beverage operation. From distributors to accounts and consumers of your goods, you’ll be able to see every detail in simple, interactive dashboards that can be accessed via your computer or any mobile device.

Analytics for Beverage

Connect to any Data Source







Mobile Analytics for Beverage
  • Simplified data integration

  • Scheduled reporting & analytics

  • Automated forecasting

  • Overcome data quality issues

  • Structured financial reporting

  • Track retail market penetration

  • Web based user interface

Know your Business Recipe

Understanding profit and loss drivers is essential to any size beverage company. Our easy-to-use software delivers the critical information to keep you on track. Blending your own data with industry data, Halo helps your sales and operations team make the best decisions for your growing business.

Demand Management

You need solid forecasting to make the best use of working capital and sustain high customer service levels. Halo provides SKU-level demand forecasting and planning tools for every channel. Get the most out of your investments in market data including VIP, Nielsen and IRI syndicated information.

Operational Insights

Imagine having a perfect view of your vendors capacity, operational performance, and customer service levels. That’s where Halo comes in. Monitor, evaluate and find new opportunities to improve performance

Inventory & Replenishment

As your business grows, it is critical to ensure product availability at minimum costs by avoiding fire sales and excessive transportation costs. Halo delivers the critical insights to balance forecasting, lead time management, and supplier capacity to meet your needs.

See Halo in Action

Watch our video demonstration and see how Halo quickly gives you complete visibility into your entire operation.