Analytics for Beverage Suppliers

Distributor Management and Scorecards

The biggest struggle in Distributor management is gaining share of mind. Suppliers fight for it every day. What if you had a Distributor scorecard that ranked your Distributors throughout the country so you could easily decide where to invest your time, money and resources getting the best ROI for your business? And what if you could give them access to data related to their performance and how they rank versus the other Distributors you work with?

Halo can help you track anything from number of incentive periods given, incentive spend per case sold, to existing and new points of distribution, and spoils. With Halo's Distributor Scorecard you can allocate the necessary resources where there is a true partnership and you are being supported the most.

Demand Planning

  • Distributor Inventory Levels
  • # / % of Distributor SKU’s Out of Stock
  • Days Inventory
  • Order Management
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Forecasting Accuracy

IRI Food 52 Week

  • Total Segment Growth
  • Total Sales Growth
  • Total Brand Growth
  • Total SKU Growth
  • $ Share of Total Category

Sales and Distribution

  • Target YTD / MTD % vs. Actual
  • By Volume by Distributor
  • Total Points of Distribution
  • Incentive Spend
  • Distributor Scorecard
  • $/CE Sales vs. LY vs. Budget
  • On/Off Premise (Same Sku) Sales
  • Share of Segment
  • Yoy Growth
  • Market Share
  • NA Compliance

Production Metrics

  • Carbon Emissions
  • pH Levels (bottled water)
  • Packaging/Packaging Materials Use
  • Solid Waste
  • Wastewater
  • Energy Use
  • BPA
  • Electrolytes
  • Downtime
  • Pasteurization
  • Concentration
  • PET
  • Bottle Line Efficiency
  • Lab/Quality
  • Tipping Fees
  • HPP Metrics

Seamless Syndicated Data Integration

Sometimes beverage suppliers hit the jackpot quickly. One supplier of enhanced and sparkling waters experienced 200% annual growth by creating dozens of new flavors and packages getting into nearly all the top 50 retailers over just a 3 year period. In this environment, it can be hard to ensure that you are understanding demand and planning to meet it – particularly when there are regional differences in flavor preferences.

Halo helps you to identify volume gaps and predict sales from a SKU to a regional level, blending your shipment data with distributor depletions and even retail scanner data. Ensure you are meeting demand, predicting the success of new products by market, and quickly identifying flavor voids that cause missed sales opportunities. All in a single set of Dashboards and Reports.

Customer Success Story

Learn how Halo consolidated data from City Brewing, VIP and C.H. Robinson to automate S&OP reporting.